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  • Merged Operational Chlorophyl
    9km resolution arithmetic mean of SeaWiFS, Aqua, and Meris. 4km resolution after SeaWiFS.

  • Merged Remotely Sensed Reflectance
    Rrs from all 3 sensors are collated into a 19 column array.

  • Regional High Resolution GSM
    2km resolution GSM products for a portion of the West coast from merged sensors

  • GSM Products
    Products based on the Garver-Siegel-Maritorena remote-sensing-reflectance-spectrum inversion method, including chlorophyll a, CDM (absorption coefficient of CDOM+detritus at 443 nm) and particulate backscattering (coefficient at 443 nm). Global data available in SeaWiFS,Meris, MODIS Aqua, Meris, and merged data products (Maritorena et al., 2002; Maritorena and Siegel, 2005; Maritorena et al., 2010).

  • NPP Products
    Primary productivity products from VGPM and CBPM (Behrenfeld and Falkowski, 1997; Behrenfeld et al., 2005; Westberry et al., 2008)). Global data available in SeaWiFS and MODIS Aqua - based data products.

  • QAA Products
    Inherent Optical properties from the Quasi-Analytical Algorithm (Lee et al., 2002). Now available from the NASA OceanColor Web ( Results of Level-3 matchups comparing in situ data to SeaWiFS and MODIS-Aqua QAA products [aph(443), adg(443) and bbp(443)], are available here. The in situ data set and protocols used are similar to those described in Maritorena et al., 2010.

  • PSD Products
    Particle size distribution products Kostadinov,T.S.,D.A.Siegel, & S. Maritorena (2009) from SeaWiFS monthly Rrs